We are so excited to officially open

City Scouts for Summer 2021!

“Members of a camping taskforce in talks with the Ontario government say they are 99 percent certain that both day and overnight camps will reopen this summer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 – CTV News, May 17

As loyal fans of City Scouts, we encourage you to book your preferred dates.

Each week is unique so campers attending multiple weeks are welcome.

We are sharing this news on our social media later this week so please don’t delay!

What is City Scouts?

City Scouts is an urban adventure camp for kids 10-14-years-old. Our mission is to foster independence and to teach campers how to navigate and appreciate everything their city has to offer. Kids explore, learn, taste, play, compete, and build wherever they go. By the end of each week, City Scouts have developed the confidence and knowledge to explore many areas of Toronto, while at the same time, embrace the wonders of the outdoors within an urban environment.

Registration is currently open


To register, simply make an account and follow the registration prompts under the "register now" page. Team assignment request forms are available in the registration process.

We are distributing e-alerts in the months leading up to the start of camp to keep our campers and their parents informed about the changes happening to the camp and safety protocols we are introducing this summer.

"We often think of camp as synonymous with the presence of a lake, some forest, canoes and campfires. Of course, camp isn’t that. You could even have all those things and still not have camp. A better definition would be this: counsellors who work to bring kids together to have fun, to grow, to experience new things, and to build friendships, skills and resilience. And, while City Scouts may not look like the camp stereotype, it nevertheless provides all of those things in abundance.


Riley Millican founded City Scouts in a belief in the power of counsellors’ ability to build great relationships, and in the understanding that the urban jungle, in and of itself, is a fantastic place to explore. This isn’t about going to attractions—the ROM one day, the AGO the next, and Wonderland at the end of the week—but really digging in and experiencing the city in and of itself. Which, frankly, kids love, as well they should.


The city is a vibrant place that they often only see while on their way somewhere; they lack authentic opportunities to interact with the spaces and the people they find there. City Camp is, for many kids, a unique opportunity to slow down, even within the urban rush, and to explore their world in a new way with a bunch of other kids just like them, and all wearing the same t-shirts. For parents, it’s a great, eminently cost-effective option, right there on your doorstep."

Our Kids, Summer 2019

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