Sure, City Scouts is all about exploring, tasting, playing, learning and building but the number one priority is always to have FUN!  Here are some of the awesome activities and adventures from past seasons.


Box Armour Battle

What happens when you combine a team of City Scouts, a whole lot of cardboard boxes and a few rolls tape? A hilarious Box Armour Battle game and an awesome way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon at the park.

The PATH scavenger hunt

You and your team have 2 hours to navigate Toronto's underground PATH system and collect as many points as you can! Follow the map, and solve the puzzles to win. It takes a keen sense of direction and teamwork if you want to win. Be careful though, if you're not back in time your team is gonna lose points!

Basketball at Underpass Park

Few have yet to discover this cool new park. Surrounded by colourful graffiti, this wide open space offers one of the only shaded basketball courts in the city. 

Magnet Fishing on Toronto Island

Sure, fishing is fun but magnet fishing takes it to a whole new level! Standing on one of the island bridges, there’s nothing like that 'hold-your-breath' suspense of reeling in some mysterious deepwater relic with our super strong magnets.

Kensington Challenge

The dime a dozen game. Tickle your buying bone and locate the the cheapest and most expensive items at Kensington market.

Alexandra Park Swimming Hole

In the heart of downtown, this pool is always just a little bit cooler than other city pools, and that's how the scouts like it on a sizzling summer day. And it's not really a hole, that's just what the scouts like to call it.

St. Lawrence Market Scavenger Hunt

On your mark, get set, go! Teams of scouts search all four corners of the market to find obscure treats, from flavoured coffee beans to exotic fruits and ethnic sweets. The competition is fierce...and fun.


Toronto Reference Library

“Ugh, a library?!” is the typical reaction we hear when the scouts find out a  library is on the itinerary.  Once they step inside, eyes bug out, necks crane and mouths are agape at the incredible architecture. After a walk-about, the scouts learn how to access anything they need here and it's a great resource for future studies!

Superior Court of Justice

Here, the scouts get a front row seat in a real court of law. Our counselor selects an appropriate case and the scouts sit front and centre to observe all the action. It's a fascinating experience for the kids...especially when the 'bad guy' gets locked up!

Osgoode hall

Home to one of North America’s oldest professional organizations, Osgoode Hall is notable for its elegant architecture and history. Scouts will visit The American Room, truly one of the most  spectacular rooms in this city.

The Don Jail

Scouts tour the cramped cells used to confine criminals long ago as well as 'The Hole’ where really bad prisoners were kept. It's below the stairs and it's really creepy.

401 Richmond

Heritage is key to Toronto’s culture and history. Scouts will navigate historic buildings in Toronto and learn about initiatives that keep artists and small businesses in business in downtown Toronto neighbourhoods.

City of Toronto Archives

Our friends at the archives love to share fascinating stories and images from the past. Heroes, villains, wacky characters -- they have all walked the streets of our city and their stories are both entertaining and educational. The scouts also learn  how to find their street in the photo archives. 

Exploring Toronto

Graffiti Alley

Did you know that graffiti has existed since ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire? Toronto's Graffiti Alley provides a great backdrop for cool photos and the art is amazing.

Berczy Park

Who let the dogs out?! Scouts love this unique two-tier fountain with life-size cast-iron statues of 27 dogs (and one cat) at Berczy Park.

Riverdale Farm

Humane Society

Who doesn’t love animals? City Scouts visit the Humane Society and see THE CUTEST cats, dogs and other animals.

Toronto Island

Usually the final day of the camp, Scouts spend the day relaxing on the beach, magnet fishing, racing through the Island Maze and exploring this wonderful green space.

Bridgepoint roof garden

Who knew one of the best views of Toronto is high atop Bridgepoint Active Healthcare on the east side of town? There's a lush roof garden, providing the perfect lookout spot and an ideal place for a picnic.

Old MacDonald had a Farm… Scouts get a first-hand look at life on a farm and learn about raising livestock such as cows, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens.

The Taste of Toronto
Portuguese Custard Tarts

After an exhausting scavenger hunt through St. Lawrence Market, the City Scouts deserve a break! Time for a treat with Portuguese Custard Tarts.

Bubble tea

A City Scouts favourite destination is Chinatown, not far from the clubhouse in the Grange. Many scouts have never before experienced the delicacies, sights and smells of Chinatown...and that includes bubble tea!

Peameal Back Bacon on a Bun 

We. Are. Canadian. This is what Canadian City Scouts eat. This is one of the fave dishes on our Toronto Taste Tour - and, shockingly, so many scouts have never even tried it before! 

Moti Mahal Samosas

Little India? Yup, we sample the best samosas in town at Moti Mahal Samosas. 

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