Here is a snapshot of a typical week for a City Scout.

This summer masks are mandatory indoors and while travelling on the TTC. Campers will practice social distancing at all times.

Monday- Opening Day

  • Introductions
  • Park and Playground
  • Humane Society
  • Underpass Park
  • Lunch - Bridgepoint Rooftop garden
  • Distillery District walkabout
  • King car home
Tuesday - Food Day
  • Patties at Kensington 
  • Pasteis de Nata at St. Lawrence
  • Lunch - Christie Pits
  • Walnut Cakes in Koreatown
  • Bahn-Mi 
Wednesday - Path Day
  • Park & Playground
  • TTC Presentation
  • Lunch - Cow Park
  • PATH Challenge 
  • Prizes
Thursday - URBANIA!
Colour Wars
  • Team Names and Flags
  • Mini Challenges
  • Toronto Trivia
  • Lunch - Silent
  • Navigation Challenge
Friday - Island Day
  • Review of the Week at Centre Island


  • The Old Don Jail

Homemade Jamican patties. Chicken, beef or goat? Enjoyed in the beautiful Bellevue Square Park.

Food day is navigated by our campers. We give them a map and assist them as they figure out our route around town for that day.

These delicious cakes are made with an impressive conveyor belt system!

Tucked among the TD skyscrapers is one of the city's most vibrant spaces.

We learn anything and everything from experienced Transit enforcement officers. Even our counsellors learned some new safety tips.

The PATH challenge is our most difficult and beloved game of the week. Campers are split into groups and given two hours to find and complete as many questions as they can from all over the path.

Teams are either blue, green, or yellow after the subway lines (Counsellors are purple). Flags were judged on their subway references. 

Basketball, foosball, rubberband shooting and map reading are some of the mini-challenges that team members can compete in.

Using just north, south, east and west your team must navigate through the city to beat the other teams to the final destination first!

Surprisingly, 10-13 year-olds struggle with not talking for an hour.

IMG_0517 2.JPG
  • Lunch - Maze Manhunt
  • Trinity Bellwoods Picture Hunt
  • Gibralter Beach 

Your team is given a map to navigate through the park and figure out where different pictures were taken.