What parents say about City Scouts

"Our 12-year-old daughter had a fantastic time with City Scouts! She learned so many things about the city we live in that she doesn’t normally have a chance to do, like visiting a trial in progress, a TV show being filmed, looking up our street at the Toronto Archives... and best of all she learned how to navigate the city. Thank you for an awesome experience!"

                                                                                                    Belinda Chang

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"Alessandro loved City Scouts! He had so much fun running around the downtown with you guys and visiting all the neat locations, especially the old Don Jail! He also really enjoyed learning about the Toronto Archives and keeps asking for us to go there and look up our house. This past weekend we were downtown and Alessandro was so comfortable walking around (including in the underground PATH) and kept pointing out interesting buildings and sites. Alessandro said City Scouts was the best day camp he’s ever been to (and he has been to a lot!). You’ll definitely see us next year! Thanks for the great experience."

Theresa Grosso

"Boaz had an amazing experience at camp with you. He was exhausted at the end of every day, and at the same time could not wait to wake up to go back. In his one week with you, he grew in confidence, level of independence, street smarts, and navigation skills. I have been telling everyone about your camp!"

Sidura Ludwig

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"As a parent in Toronto, there is so much to be worried about and there is a tendency to protect kids from any risk to the point that they are never given the freedom to explore. Riley Millican has created an amazingly special camp that gave my son the opportunity to learn more about our city and the tools to navigate it! We will definitely be signing up again for this summer."

Tiffany Knight